Kiski Valley Community Band



Summer/Fall 2023 Song Titles
America the Beautifularr. Barker
America the Beautifularr. Dragon
Anchors AweighCharles Zimmerman
Armed Forces: The Pride of Americaarr. Clark and Gilpin
Beer Barrel Polka/ PA Polkaarr. Yoder and Warrington
Blues Brothers Revuearr. Bocook
Bond…James Bondarr. Bulla
Cohan Salutearr. Besig
Diademeta Fantasyarr. Ployhar
Doors in Concertarr. Murtha
God Bless Americaarr. Edmondson
Irving Berlin: From Rags to Ritzarr. Brubaker
Lindenau Polkaarr. Broeniman
Mancini MagicMancini arr. Brubaker
My Americaarr. Murtha and Eilers
National EmblemBagley
Raise Your Joys and Triumphsarr. Swearingen
Rock, Roll and Rememberarr. Ricketts
Saints in Concertarr. Moffit
Semper FidelisJohn Philip Sousa
Second Suite in FHolst
Sounds of Simon and Garfunkelarr. Burden
Stars and Stripes ForeverSousa
Strike Up the Bandarr. Jennings
The KlaxonFillmore
The Music Manarr. Reed
They Went That Awayarr. Jennings
Where No Man has Gone Beforearr. Jennings
A Christmas Festivalarr. Leroy Anderson
A Fireside Christmasarr. Sammy Nestico
Ancient Carol Variantsarr. Chris M. Bernotas
Celtic Carolarr. Robert W. Smith
Do You Hear What I Heararr. John Moss and Emily Crocker
Jing, Jing, Jinglearr. Chris Sharp
My Favorite Thingsarr. Paul Murtha
O Holy Nightarr. Calvin Custer
Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Townarr. Paul Yoder
Selections from The Polar Expressarr. Paul Murtha and Audrey Snyder
Sleigh Ridearr. Leroy Anderson
Star Above, Shine Brightlyarr. Brian Balmages
Ultimate Christmas Sing-Alongarr. Jerry Brubaker and Bryan Kidd
  1. America the Beautiful
  2. Armed Forces: The Pride of America
  3. Barber of Seville
  4. Beer Barrel Polka
  5. Bravura
  6. Copland Tribute
  7. El Capitan
  8. Fugue on Yankee Doodle
  9. God Bless America
  10. Jersey Boys
  11. March from “1941”
  12. More Cowbell
  13. My America
  14. Onward- Upward
  15. PA Polka
  16. Pie in the Face Polka
  17. Pop and Rock Legends: Chicago
  18. Semper Fidelis
  19. Space and Beyond
  20. Stars and Stripes Forever
  21. Star Spangled Banner
  22. Tribute to Ray Charles
  23. Ukraine National Anthem
  24. Viva Italia
  1. Bates & Ward
  2. Various composers
  3. Rossini
  4. E. Duble Aaron Copland
  5. Sousa
  6. Early American Tune
  7. Irving Berlin
  8. Crewe, Gaudio, Parker
  9. John Williams
  10. Various Composers
  11. Smith & Musicus
  12. Edwin Franko Goldman
  13. Henry Mancini
  14. Sousa
  15. Various Composers
  16. Sousa
  17. Ray Charles
  18. Various composers
  1. Warren Barker
  2. Clark & Gilpin
  3. L. Lake
  4. Paul Yoder
  5. Clare Grundman
  6. Sousa, Brion, Schissel
  7. John Edmonson
  8. Michael Brown
  9. Paul Lavender
  10. Michael Brown
  11. Eilers & Murtha
  12. Edward Lisk
  13. Johnny Warrington
  14. Johnnie Vinson
  15. John Wasson
  16. Brion & Schissel
  17. John Moss
  18. Sousa
  19. Johnnie Vinson
  20. U.S. Armed Forces
  21. Jack Bullock